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YHA relies on research, not rhetoric

As Mark Twain said, “it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

18 August 2014



YHA New Zealand heeded Mark Twain’s advice recently when it undertook research into the China market, spurred by the phenomenal growth it had experienced out of this market over the past five years.
The backpacker accommodation network had seen China grow from being its 13th largest source market in 2009 to its fifth. To ensure they were meeting the expectations of this new, fast growing guest segment, they decided to get some insight.

The research, co-funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment under its China Market Information Programme, surveyed 500 visitors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who had stayed at YHA New Zealand’s hostels.

They discovered a significant proportion are comfortable travelling independently, are well travelled, well educated, around 80% are comfortable speaking English, and they like outdoor activities, with 15% into thrill seeking adventures.

In other words the profile of Chinese independent travellers was much like that of more traditional European or North American markets, which means YHA doesn’t have to radically change its messaging across markets or its offering in New Zealand.

The research also revealed where Chinese FITs are getting their information and what other accommodation they enjoyed, which gives YHA a good steer where to invest its marketing effort.

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