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The new RailBike experience.

World’s longest rail bike adventure

Taumarunui’s Forgotten World Adventures is using TRENZ 2016 to help put its products on the international map.

21 March 2016



“Currently 90% of our clients are New Zealanders. We know we have a world class tourism product and we can’t wait for the rest of the world to find out about us,” says General Manager Paul Chaplow.

“We will be promoting our new RailBike experience to TRENZ buyers. It will appeal to a more adventurous traveller than we currently attract with our Rail Carts. Both products allow visitors to explore rural New Zealand, travelling along a decommissioned railway line.”

The RailBike experience is 40km.

“They are like  tandem bikes except you sit side by side rather than one in front of the other - they have independent pedalling systems, three gears and disc brakes, plus a large box to carry clothing and other items for the day,” explains Paul.

“The tour is semi guided with a guide in a RailCart out front. Signage/story boards have been placed at points of interest along the tracks to explain the history associated with the building of the line and the people of the area.”