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Phil Keoghan on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail in Canterbury compressed
Phil Keoghan on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

Amazing Race host new face of NZ cycling in the USA

Americans will be inspired to explore New Zealand on two wheels, thanks to a new partnership between Tourism New Zealand and Phil Keoghan.

03 March 2015



Phil Keoghan, well-known in both New Zealand and the US as host of hit TV show The Amazing Race, is fronting a new Tourism New Zealand campaign aimed at encouraging Americans to take a cycling holiday here.

The native New Zealander is an avid cyclist and has just completed a 5400-km ride to retrace the route of the first English-speaking team (including one Kiwi rider) in the Tour de France, soon to be released as a feature-length documentary.

Andrew Fraser, Tourism New Zealand’s Director of Marketing, says that securing Phil as the face of the campaign, which launched in the US today, is a real coup.

“Phil doesn’t just have a large following in the States as host of The Amazing Race – he is also a passionate cyclist and proud Kiwi, and therefore the ideal person to be encouraging Americans to make New Zealand their next holiday destination.

“The campaign that went live today is Phil’s first engagement and promotes New Zealand’s diverse and breathtaking cycling landscapes and extensive trail network.

“Our research shows that there is a large section of the US market actively considering a cycling trip to New Zealand. With promotion from someone as popular as Phil Keoghan, we aim to motivate those dreaming of a cycling holiday in New Zealand to take the next step and make the booking,” says Andrew.

The campaign, shot on Canterbury’s Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail and the Queenstown Trail, will showcase New Zealand as the ideal destination for a cycling holiday. Both trails belong to the easily accessible New Zealand Cycle Trail Network, which has provided Tourism New Zealand with a platform from which to bring the country to life as an exciting cycling destination overseas. 

The campaign, which runs from 2 March to 31 May 2015, will appear online and in print.


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