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Cruise sector forecast to swell dramatically

The cruise sector contributed a record $365.3 million to New Zealand’s economy in the 2013-14 season and that figure is forecast to swell dramatically to $421.5 million in two years.

02 October 2014



The 2015-16 season is expected to bring more cruise passengers to New Zealand ports on bigger ships than ever before, according to a new economic impact report released by Cruise New Zealand.

“If cruise was a country, it would be New Zealand’s fourth largest inbound market, behind Australia, China and the US,” Cruise New Zealand General Manager Raewyn Tan says. 

“The Asia-Pacific region currently accounts for around 8.4% of the global market, is the world’s fastest growing cruise region and presents a huge opportunity for New Zealand.”

The 2013-14 cruise season saw 202,700 passengers on 33 separate ships which made 119 voyages and spent 699 days at ports around the country. Australians made up the majority of cruise passengers (52%), followed by Americans (17%) and New Zealanders (10%).

Of the season’s total $365.3m spend, passengers accounted for $273m, vessel-related spending was $63.6m and crew-related spend was $28.7m. It is estimated that the cruise sector supported 6818 jobs in New Zealand.