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Incentive business worth $50m

Amway China will be sending 10,000 of its elite sales people to Queenstown in 2018 for five days.

22 April 2016


The incentive busines, worth at least $50 million dollars, was secured thanks to the joint efforts of Tourism New Zealand, Destination Queenstown, Air New Zealand and Immigration New Zealand.

The group will visit in multiple waves of 500 in autumn 2018. 

Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Kevin Bowler says it’s a massive win. It will spread visitors across the off-peak season, supporting employment and bringing significant economic benefit.

“The $50 million in value is estimated just from Amway’s spend on the incentive alone. Each of the 10,000 staff will also contribute additional personal spend while in the country bringing the total even higher.

“The win also sends a clear message that New Zealand is a significant player in the incentive business sector. 

“It comes as a result of collaboration at its finest. We know that one of the key reasons New Zealand won was because of the coordinated approach we took and the proposal that answered all of Amway’s questions.

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