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Vector Arena Auckland
Vector Arena, Auckland

Entertainment visa win

New visa regulations will help attract more high-end music acts to New Zealand, offering great spin-offs for the tourism industry.

21 August 2014



From the end of November, high-end music acts and their support crew will be able to travel and perform in New Zealand on visitor visas rather than work visas so long as they are being promoted by a local company.

Cutting the red tape will make it much easier and cheaper for the world’s top performers and their entourages to come to New Zealand.

Because music events can be held in the shoulder and off-seasons, they can create demand for accommodation and other services at what is typically a quieter time of the year for tourism businesses.

TIA advocated hard for this change, says Policy & Research Manager Simon Wallace.

"We acknowledge Ruth Gould of Live Nation Australasia for bringing the issue regarding the entertainer's visa to our attention and her contribution to this great outcome."

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