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SmartGate Customs Minister Nicky Wagner
Customs Minister Nicky Wagner using the new SmartGate.

SmartGate improvements

There will be faster processing of passengers using SmartGate at the border after the government spent asset sales money on the latest machines.

23 July 2015


Customs Minister Nicky Wagner has announced that more than $6 million from the Future Investment Fund will help fund an additional next-generation SmartGates - self-service machines that processes passengers using an e-Passport scanner and biometric information.

"Nine new generation SmartGates, which deliver a faster process, will be installed this year. The remaining 20 SmartGates will be installed over the next 18 to 24 months," Ms Wagner says

The new SmartGates use a faster, more efficient, integrated process that incorporates the passport scanner into the gate, eliminating the kiosk and ticket. Passengers scan their passport and step up to the biometric scanner, which is an improvement on the current two-step process.

"With annual passenger numbers expected to increase to nearly 12.7 million by 2019, Customs will be well positioned to manage this increase efficiently and effectively."

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