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Ski. Ski Field in the Ski Mt Hutt on a fabulous day taken by Peter Clinton Baker from The Sea Kayak Company
Ski Mount Hutt/Peter Clinton Baker

Virtual ski experience for Aussies

NZSKI is building a ‘virtual guests services’ platform to increase the number of Australians taking part in a snow activity while on holiday in New Zealand.

21 August 2014



Tourism New Zealand research shows that 1.6 million Australians who have skied before would be interested in a snow holiday in New Zealand, but just 65,000 Australians took part in a snow activity while on holiday here. Currently, planning snow holidays involves complex decisions and needs a personalised selling approach which is not offered through conventional online channels. This new e-commerce platform produces customised snow sports itineraries based on user-specific attributes such as age, skills level and family size.

This project received $250,000 Tourism Growth Partnership funding, with industry investing $450,000.The estimate potential economic benefit is $196 million per annum from 2015/16.