Record of Stakeholder Engagement

Tourism 2025- Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi originated out of the 2012 TIA Summit on 2 October 2012.

Since then, the Tourism 2025 project team (made up of representatives from private and public sector organisations and an independent strategic consultant) has engaged directly with hundreds of public and private sector leaders, business owners and influencers from within and close to our industry to seek their views and help with the plan’s development.

This Record of stakeholder engagement provides high-level detail of the five phases of such engagement.


October – December 2012: conception & initial socialisation

More than 230 tourism industry leaders attended TIA’s 2012 Summit. They accepted TIA’s (Tourism Industry Association NZ) challenge to take a ‘Think Different’ approach to resolving long-standing challenges and accessing new opportunities presented by a rapidly changing international environment. The stand-out Summit message was the need for the industry to act as a cohesive force, taking ownership of our industry’s destiny and ‘making our own luck’.

Building on the momentum created at the Summit, TIA continued discussing the national tourism framework idea with a range of industry players before formally committing to leading this ambitious project in December 2012.


January – March 2013: seeking wider industry endorsement & wisdom

TIA hosted and facilitated focus group workshops and individual discussions with a wide range of leaders and influencers from within and close to our tourism industry to ensure the project is built on solid foundations. The wider industry endorsed the project with strong advice that the focus should be ‘economic growth’ and ‘quality of visitor experience’.


April – June 2013: starting work on the plan’s substance

The skeleton national tourism framework team was established during April. Over the coming months this project team began an investigation into the global tourism market, the forces shaping it, how New Zealand’s tourism industry is currently structured within that market and what might need to be done to ignite long-term growth for our industry and New Zealand’s economy. By end-June, the team had developed a straw-man theory identifying what we thought needed to happen for our industry to succeed.


July – September 2013: testing the ‘straw-man’ and finalising the framework

The project team, now enlarged to 15, has been thoroughly investigating and testing the straw-man theory before settling on the final framework, to be called Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi.


1 October 2013 -  24 March 2014

The high level detail of Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together/Whakatipu Uara Ngatahi was released at the 2013 TIA Summit on 1 October 2013.

The project team completed the first draft and distributed it to stakeholders in November 2013. Feedback was received through to the end of December. The in depth documents, including the five strategic themes, were finalised during November 2013 - February 2014.

The Tourism 2025 summary document was developed during January - March 2014.

The Tourism 2025 summary document, in depth documents and website were released on 24 March 2014.


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